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Content Marketing is a Game Changer

Content Marketing is really not all that new. In fact, well known companies such as John Deere, Michelin and Jell-O have been practicing forms of what we would now call Content Marketing, dating all the way back to 1895. What has changed is the emphasis on the alignment between practicing Content Marketing and the organizational business goals. Additionally, technology now enables us to monitor our Content Marketing efforts virtually in real time. Within minutes, businesses know if the content they have produced and shared is being consumed in the manner they had hoped for. Because of this, an effective Content Marketing program must be thoroughly planned, strategically executed, and monitored regularly.

Telling Your Story: The Content Marketing Process


A solid Content Marketing program begins with planning. Together, we will define who your content should be created for, what type of content we will create and set goals to keep your program on track.


Distributing your content across the right platforms and in the right manner, will ensure your target audiences see your content, become aware of your company, and take advantage of the special offers you have created just for them.


Monitoring how your content is performing will help you to understand your prospects even better. Learn what’s working best to generate the most leads, or identify where improvements might need to be made.

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