Content Marketing Planning

You’ve likely heard the phrase “Plan the work, then work the plan”. Content Marketing Planning is critical to the success of your program. Before getting started, it is important to completely understand how your target market thinks, how they perform research and how they make decisions. This information is then considered as you determine the type and style of content you will create, and where and how you will distribute your content.

Planning Stage Tasks Include:

Target Markets

We will work through how your ideal client performs research, evaluates options and makes decisions. As we create an “avatar” of your ideal we’ll discuss potential objections, motivators and more in efforts to produce content that tells your story in a manner that is meaningful.

Content Strategy

A strong Content Marketing strategy will align with your business goals and produce results! Your Content Strategy will be captured in a document which outlines the who, what, where, why and when (and even how!) your company will plan, execute and monitor your Content Marketing program.


Setting SMART goals for your Content Marketing program allows you to remain on task and measure your efforts along the way. Putting your expectations into defined goals encourages you and your team to work towards achieving your business goals.

Social Media Audit

What does your online presence say about your company? We will ensure all of your social media profiles have consistent content and branding such as your logo, additional images, company and contact information. Need help setting up accounts? No problem!

Website SEO Audit

Search Engine Optimization is a key element in your Content Marketing strategy. In order for search engines to display your content in search results, we must ensure the keywords and phrases being used are aligned both technically and logically.

Content Mapping

Here we will itemize the content that you currently have and identify content needed in order to address questions your prospects will likely have as they move through the 3 stages of a typical buyer cycle; Awareness, Consideration and Decision.

Content Calendar

Content isn’t always what you might think. Planning your calendar of content includes not just your well thought out articles, but it’s also an opportunity to incorporate upcoming events, holidays, or special occasions into your content distribution dates.

Lead Magnets

Lead Magnets are your secret weapon. What are they? Do you have any? Why do you need them? We’ll explore what your business can do to create compelling lead magnets that convert prospects into leads.

How Will Content Marketing Help Your Business?

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