Content Marketing Monitoring

Monitoring how your content is performing is essential in order for you to be certain you are on track. By tracking your results, we will be able to determine which content is the most popular and is supporting your business goals.

Monitoring Stage Tasks Include:

Monitor Results

Is your content helping you to achieve your business goals? We will review the effectiveness of your content to ensure you are hitting the mark and make adjustments if and when needed.


Rely on the data! Using tools like Google Analytics, we will look at your number of website visits, website engagement, traffic sources and bounce rates.


Managing your database is often a task that we hope will look after itself, but left neglected, leads will be left on the table! Using a CRM or even a simple spreadsheet will make sure you don’t lose track of valuable contact information and plans for follow up.

Lead Nurturing

Let’s say you have a prospect that you know is interested in your product, but they have yet to make a purchase. Part of your Content Marketing strategy will be to have a plan in place to keep in touch with prospects by continuing to be helpful as they make their decision!

How Will Content Marketing Help Your Business?

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