Content Marketing Distribution

Did you know that every social media platform has its own set of best practices? Most of us know that Twitter, for example, allows for posts of only 140 characters. But did you know that the same image you post to Facebook is not the ideal size for Twitter? Or that Google+ post titles should be no more than 40 characters? And what about hashtags? Distributing your content on social media, your blog or via paid advertisements involves special techniques that are not once-size-fits-all!

Distribution Stage Tasks Include:

Blog Postings

Think of your company blog as the “hub” for all (or most!) of your content. Content posted on your social media platforms will link back to your website to increase website traffic.

Social Media

Now that we have determined which social media platforms are best suited for your target markets, we will post your content to your online profiles as outlined in your content planning calendar.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a very important component of a content marketing program. As your list grows, we’ll talk about how to create a monthly newsletter and how to introduce special offers to your valued clients.

Online Ads

Curious about advertising on Facebook? Did you know that for a very small investment (as low as $2 day!) you can create targeted ads on Facebook? We’ll set your budget, create your ads and define your audience.

How Will Content Marketing Help Your Business?

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